Get To Know: 3 Purpose Driven Creators Decode is Loving Right Now

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Get To Know: 3 Purpose Driven Creators Decode is Loving Right Now

In our last article about deinfluencing, we unpacked why influencer marketing isn’t over, but just entering a new era. Our prediction? Purpose-first creators are about to make a big splash. And yes, we know there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism - but we can still try.

Led by a massive cultural vibe shift that happened around 2009 during the big fat recession, the world of film and media were the first to really shine a light on one of the biggest crises of our lifetimes - Corporations coming head to head with sustainability Films like Avatar hit our screens around that time, and seeing the box office success of these conversations, big brands like Apple and Pepsi started thinking - how do we bring purpose into our marketing.

Fast forward to now, we know that shiny purpose marketing campaigns are painfully, transparently vapid for the new generation of consumers. They quite simply ask “where are your receipts?” and proceed to look up your leadership board to examine if your money is really where your mouth is (it usually isn’t). And that’s why the purpose driven creator economy is an extremely lucrative, mostly untapped space for brands to harness.

Purpose driven creators don’t just advocate for sustainability, but can also have a tangible impact on our behaviors when it comes to fostering better inclusivity, diversity and representation, encouraging political literacy, combating cyberbullying, promoting digital wellness, financial wellness, and just keeping kindness to ourselves and others front of mind in general.

When brands affiliate themselves with the right talent - it can move mountains for brand perception, and impact the bottom line. Just take a look at Gary Lineker’s stand against the BBC over the weekend, and the resulting outpour of love for Walkers Crisps.

With my eat-the-rich spiel over, here are three creators that we’d love to see get their flowers in this new era of purpose driven influence:

Sustainable Craft with @lydiabolton

Lydia Bolton is a sustainability creator and slow fashion designer who founded her namesake brand in 2019. A zero-waste advocate, she works meticulously with sleeping stock, deadstock fabrics and thrifted pieces to create luxury womenswear apparel and homeware that doesn’t cost the earth. Lydia has already run workshops and events for the likes of Nike, Urban Outfitters and Vans, and as a creator who keeps integrity and purpose at the heart of all she does, we only see her blowing up more as time goes on.

After being nominated for Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023, her team at purpose-driven creator agency Creative Ally said “Over the past 3 years, Lydia has been focused on how to make fashion fun & enjoyable without costing the planet, creating new ways for people to think about the life cycle of fashion and consume more responsibly, while creatively tackling textile waste. Amazed by her creativity every day & so proud of her for being recognised with this nomination alongside some huge brands!”

Being Kinder with @benjy_lookbook

Benjy Kusy is an LGBTQIA+ creator who uses his platform to connect communities and educate his 200k+ followers about what life can be like for LGBTQIA+ people today. Creating a safe and inclusive space for TikTokkers to ask questions and educate one another, Benjy doesn't shy away from difficult questions but rather uses his signature "straight to camera” spoken-word and positive attitude to tackle taboos and bust myths.

His new book “Hope this Helps: How to be Kinder to Yourself and Others” is a definitive guide to helping you feel and do better, and gives guidance on things that can appear incredibly difficult to navigate. Centring tolerance, kindness and empathy, the book takes us back to our roots as a human race of simply wanting to connect, be heard and enjoy life.

Not Missing the Point with @hadealspeaks

Haddy is an activist for social change, a human rights spokesperson, and a flagbearer for female empowerment. Using her platform to genuinely support and educate her audience, she creates content around everything from university applications to nuanced discussion on political topics like patriotism, education, or powerful leaders.

She’s also the creator and host of the Missed The Point Podcast, a podcast about making a difference without, well, missing the point. Flourishing into its second season, her podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to stay on top of politics, social issues and media stories, and their greater impacts on society. 

Last Thoughts: The Shift To Always On Relationships

Though ‘purpose’ is the above creators’ bread-and-butter, the fundamental vibe shift towards more responsible creator marketing means a lot more creators are stepping out of their niches to share their views on politics, social justice and sustainability (shout out Gary Lineker). This means brands should always dig deeper than the surface level with the talent they work with, find out what their talent are truly passionate about, what they care about, where they come from and what they want to do with their platform in the future.

Creating a genuine, always-on relationship with creators means brands can advocate for and platform them across all their passion points. One creator can talk about social justice and be sick at trickshots, and brands should embrace all facets of them, not just the parts that help them sell products.