Diversity and inclusion in the Metaverse is crucial

One of the exciting things about the metaverse is the creative freedom and opportunities we have with self-expression, but this demands an incredibly important conversation about identity politics.
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Diversity and inclusion in the Metaverse is crucial

Rosie wrote an article for The Drum about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the Metaverse, you can read it here. She spoke to Tag Warner, CEO at GAY TIMES to get his opinion on the topic

When social platforms exploded, many LGBTQ+ people found a space in media not previously afforded to them. The result was a significant increase in visibility and conversation around queer themes. However, the ‘move-fast, break things’ attitude that gave rise to the major players also came with unfathomable real-world implications. We simply cannot afford to allow the safeguards to follow the platform this time, there is too much at stake.”